What is neurofeedback?

Watch this 2 minute CNN clip, featuring Dr. Steiner, on how neurofeedback works.




The All in One program serves to help your child succeed in school. By pulling together training in Neurofeedback, executive functioning and organization skills, and relaxation and biofeedback, your child receives everything they need All in One. Tutors come to your home twice a week to complete a 30 lesson program, aimed at increasing attention and improving study habits. Here’s what’s included in each lesson:

  1. 1.  Neurofeedback training
  2. 2.  Executive functioning and organization skills training
  3. 3.  Relaxation and biofeedback



College and beyond

Our AT University program is designed to increase your attention span so that you can pay better attention during lectures, in meetings, at work and other daily activities. There are 20 lessons. Included in each lesson is:

  1. 1.  Neurofeedback training
  2. 2. Executive functioning and organization skills training (adult specific curricula aimed at training college/work skills)
  3. 3.  Relaxation and biofeedback



Adults 50+

The AT Brain Exercise program is designed for all adults 50+ and aims to maintain your attention and cognition. The neurofeedback will train attention stamina and the brain gym exercises (computer-based cognitive exercises) will target executive functions including memory and speed. We also train relaxation through biofeedback to increase overall well being. Lessons are given twice a week in an intensive 30-40 lesson program and thereafter participants may choose to continue with once a week lessons. Navigating the computer exercises is easy; no prior computer skills are required. Included in each lesson:

  1. 1.  Neurofeedback training
  2. 2.  Brain exercises (computer-based cognitive exercises)
  3. 3.  Relaxation and biofeedback




NaomiSteinerDr. Naomi Steiner is a developmental behavioral pediatrician, and research expert in ADHD and attention difficulties. Dr. Steiner has a unique experience as a developmental behavioral pediatrician and researcher. She has been working with children with ADHD and their families as a pediatrician for 20 years. For 10 years she has been researching computer attention training, including neurofeedback. She has been the Principal Investigator on several large studies. She graduated from the School of Medicine at the University of Zurich in Switzerland, and did her residency at The Brooklyn Hospital/New York University and Shands Hospital/University of Florida. Then she completed her developmental behavioral fellowship at Boston Medical Center/Boston University. She has run a private practice and was on faculty at the Floating Hospital for Children at Tufts Medical Center/Tufts University for ten years before moving back to Boston Medical Center/Boston University.

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Attention Tutoring helped her recognize when she was drifting away, which is half the battle. She is more interested in sticking to a schedule, keeping her desk organized, and being aware of time. It is a reminder to me that this is not an overnight thing that it is a lifetime of self-management. We are a much bigger part of her success than we ever imagined, keeping her on track and maybe giving her reminders.
-Father of Attention Tutoring student, Operation Manager

I really enjoyed Attention Tutoring. I learned how to focus and tell when I am losing my focus. I am more organized, my desk is not messy anymore, and I try to keep to my schedule.
-Attention Tutoring Middle School Student

I’m more aware of what it means to focus. I am able to proactively get going in the morning.
-AT University Participant

I truly enjoyed having Attention Tutoring come to my home to evaluate Anne’s needs and give constructive strategies to help. She has made great progress and now works independently on school projects.
-Mother of Attention Tutoring student, Intensive Care Unit Registered Nurse


Interesting research in the field of neurofeedback and from Dr. Steiner ↓

Click here to view her Biography and References list for her talk at the Parker Memorial Conference 2016

Click here to view her Handout for her talk at the Harvard/MIT 2014 Learning & Brain Conference

We have assembled some of Dr. Steiner’s on-going research, for parents and students who might be interested in learning more about research in the area of neurofeedback. At this time she has multiple manuscripts that have been accepted for publication or under the process of peer-review.
Click here to view a CNN short report on neurofeedback featuring Dr. Steiner and her research.
Click here to view Dr. Steiner’s ADDitude Webinar on neurofeedback.
Click here to read a Boston Globe article on Dr. Steiner’s neurofeedback study
Click here to read Dr. Steiner’s article on Neurofeedback and Cognitive Attention Training for Children with Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder in Schools
Click here to read about Dr. Steiner’s study using neurofeedback attention training to support students with Autism
Click here for her pilot study conducted in middle schools
Click here to read a Tufts Now commentary on Dr. Steiner’s study in 19 elementary schools
Click here to learn about Dr. Steiner’s calm breathing and relaxation program.
More to come!

Other articles below are by internationally-recognized leading researchers in the field.
Click here for a 6 month follow-up study by Gevensleben et al., 2010.
Click here to read about a 2009 meta-analysis of the effects of neurofeedback on children with ADHD conducted by Arns, de Ridder, Strehl, Breteler, and Coenen
Click here to learn about Neurofeedback and basic learning theory- a review article by Sherlin et al., 2011; full text
Click here to read about a position paper on Neurofeedback by Sherlin, Arns, Lubar, & Sokhadze, 2010


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