Start training attention habits and organization skills as early as possible.

Attention Tutoring recommends starting to train organization and work skills as early as possible. Basically, when the first homework sheet comes home at the beginning of elementary school, even if the content is easy, this is the starting point of training to get organized and pay attention.

Typical students will be able to follow expectations that the teacher will have, because teachers base their expectations on the general classroom. For students with ADHD and attention difficulties being organized and focused does not come automatically. In fact students with attention issues and ADHD have to put in a lot of effort to try to keep up  with school expectations. For instance, students with ADHD will try very hard to use their school assignment notebook, but it will not seem to help them out very much. The fact is that when students with ADHD are trying to figure out how to get tasks done alone, without a systematic tutoring curriculum, it can be very frustrating and unsuccessful. Tasks become overwhelming and students don’t have the tools necessary to complete the work. It is important that students have the tools and support to develop independence.


Why train organizational skills?

Often organizational challenges are not apparent in elementary school because most elementary school teachers do not have extensive expectations in regards to organization, and they tend to break down tasks. However towards 4th and 5th grade, and as soon as middle school creeps in, organization issues usually become more apparent and create frustration for students who have a hard time tracking different assignments from different teachers. Some teachers want homework placed in their classroom box, others want it sent via email, and others via online websites. Some teachers write homework on the white board, while other teachers post all the homework and materials on their websites and expect their students to visit their website daily after school.


The All in One program uses a systematic approach

Attention Tutoring teaches students executive functioning and organization skills though a systematic Attention Tutoring curriculum broken down into the 30 lessons. This is an educational program presented in a stepwise manner throughout the lessons, with related Attention Tutoring homework.


Here are some of the executive functioning and organization skills that tutors work on with the students:

  • Identifying typical challenging situations for each individual child
  • Understanding how the brain works
  • Setting up a neat and helpful workstation
  • Learning to schedule homework
  • Getting homework and tasks done
  • Avoiding distractions
  • Learning how to pace work
  • Understanding how to change their home and school environment
  • Working towards independence

These skills are taught in a stepwise manner with homework.

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