The goal of AT Brain Exercise is to support adults 50+ and aims to maintain attention and cognition.

Dr. Steiner has pulled together research-based approaches to train attention and executive functioning. The combination of each of these training elements is expected to strengthen the training effect. AT Brain Exercise lessons include:

  • Neurofeedback, to learn to increase focus and maintain focus

  • Brain exercises (computer-based cognitive exercises), to strengthen executive functions including speed and memory

  • Relaxation/Biofeedback techniques, to teach relaxation through calm breathing or biofeedback to support quality of life and sleep.

AT Brain Exercise is an adult educational program of 50-minute lessons, which are delivered by a certified AT tutor. Lessons are given twice a week in an intensive 30-40 lesson program and thereafter participants may choose to continue with once a week lessons. Navigating the computer exercises is easy; there are no prior computer skills required.

Learning about the brain

Cutting-edge brain research has taught us very important points that led Dr. Steiner to develop this program specifically for adults 50+. First, the brain is “plastic,” which means that it has the ability to change and learn. More recent research has shown that brain plasticity remains throughout life. Second, using the brain protects against cognitive decline. The AT Brain Exercise program has been designed to keep your brain focused and actively training. Lastly, keeping the brain fit is important and can benefit  all adults and can benefit all adults not only those who might be concerned about cognitive decline.

AT Brain Exercise reviews research with participants on how the brain also benefits from regular exercise, healthy diet and sleep.

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