What is offered at AT Brain Exercise?

The AT Brain Exercise concept was developed by Dr. Naomi Steiner to offer attention and cognitive brain training to adults 50+. This is a 30-40 lesson brain-training program, with the option to continue the lessons on a weekly basis. The program aims to improve focus and cognitive functioning including executive functions such as memory and speed.

Dr. Steiner is a clinician and researcher in computer-based brain training systems that use neurofeedback and cognitive training. Many adults are interested in training their brain to improve cognitive skills. This is why Dr. Steiner has combined approaches in the AT Brain Exercise program to support the targets areas of attention, cognition and relaxation. In this manner, you don’t need to choose between different programs.

How is AT Brain Exercise different from other programs?

The AT Brain Exercise program is the first of its kind. Dr. Steiner has been researching computer attention training, including neurofeedback and cognitive training, for 9 years. She has systematically trained dozens of research assistants to carry out the interventions in the Greater Boston Area. The results from her studies show that participants who received neurofeedback training significantly improved their attention skills and executive functioning compared to those who did not receive neurofeedback training.

AT Brain Exercise offers not only neurofeedback to train the brain, but also brain exercises (computer-based cognitive exercises) and relaxation/biofeedback training. This new and combined approach is the first to exist in the current market.

Do I need computer skills to do AT Brain Exercise?

No. Navigating the computer exercises is easy; no prior computer skills are required. In addition, the tutor is present to support the easy flow of the exercises and assure that all participants are successful to progress.

Meeting with Dr. Steiner

At Attention Tutoring we understand that many people might not understand how neurofeedback works. This is why Attention Tutoring offers a complimentary meeting with Dr. Steiner to ask questions they might have about the program and watch a demo of how the neurofeedback works. No clinical advice is given.

Schedule a meeting with Dr. Steiner

Will Neurofeedback help me?

Dr. Steiner’s and other researchers’ studies show that neurofeedback can be helpful. Results are calculated by analyzing results from the group as a whole. This type of research process does not look at each participant individually.

What is executive functioning?

Executive functioning is the ability of the brain to organize tasks, prioritize tasks, manage time, break down tasks into steps and have an idea of how to get tasks done.

Why train relaxation?

Attention Tutoring recognizes the importance of teaching relaxation. Many adults are anxious, nervous, or have a high stress level and this impacts not only how they get tasks done but also their comfort level.

How does biofeedback work?

Relaxation is taught through biofeedback. The biofeedback device used at Attention Tutoring shows the user his or her breathing pattern while prompting to take slow deep breaths. Taking slow deep breaths enables the nervous system’s relaxation response (parasympathetic nervous system) to kick in.

Does the AT Brain Exercise program really require 30-40 lessons?

We recommend 30-40 as a baseline program with two lessons per week. Some participants might feel they would like to continue with one lesson per week for maintenance. Depending when participants will start to realize their brain functions strengthening, this will lead them to aim for 30 to 40 lessons. Many participants like the idea of continuing AT Brain Exercise on a weekly basis as maintenance.

How are the tutors credentialed?

All tutors have extensive experience with teaching/tutoring, and have completed the standardized Attention Tutoring training and post-training exam. All tutors have had background checks.