The AT Brain Exercise program uses a series of brain exercises, also called computer-based cognitive exercises, that train different aspects of cognition and thinking, including the executive functions of memory and speed. Brain exercises have been shown to help adults 50+ maintain these skills and even improve on the targeted skills trained. Navigating the computer exercises is easy; no prior computer skills are required. In addition, the tutor is present to support the easy flow of the exercises and assure that all participants progress successfully.

The tutor also works with participants to personalize specific target areas to practice.  For instance, a participant who has arthritis of the hand might want to avoid a specific brain exercise that practices visual motor skills, such as integrating what is seen on the computer screen and quick usage of the mouse. On the other hand, another participant might specifically be interested in targeting these exercises to train fast reactions.  It is possible to train cognitive areas through a diversity of exercises, as there are many overlapping brain exercises.

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